What is The Vanity Project?

The Vanity Project was born out of the desire to create a series of beauty essentials for busy lives. Freshening up used to mean relaxing in front of a bedroom vanity and primping. Now it means a quick swipe, spray, or glance in the mirror before heading out for the day. Today’s busy, modern woman needs her beauty products to keep up with her and not the other way around.

We aim to pick up where other products fall short: providing women with a quick and portable solution to freshen up with and to share with their friends. Because at the end of the day, we all want to look good, feel good, and kill it at life.

Our products are made in California, by women, for women.

Who is The Vanity Project for?

Women are at the heart of The Vanity Project. Our products are formulated by women, for women, and we recognize the need for a series of products that today’s modern woman can tuck into her purse to freshen up with, even in the midst of whatever life is throwing at her.