3 Innovations in Oral Care to Raise your Hygiene Game

Oral hygiene is experiencing a renaissance.  Stylish and genius products for oral care are drastically raising our hygiene game.  Here are some of our current picks:

Goby toothbrushes

GOBY Toothbrush

Brushing teeth daily (at least twice daily) is an integral part of daily routine.  Shouldn’t it also be enjoyable? inspiring? stylish? Goby thinks so…

At $70, this stylish toothbrush is not only great looking but less expensive than its competitors.  Plus they offer a no-brainer subscription service for brush heads, so you never have to think about purchasing replacements again.

I bought this toothbrush at Lavaanin West Village when getting my teeth cleaned a couple months ago.  I’m obsessed with the results compared to my old school manual toothbrush.  Plus, the monthly arrival of a new brush head without having to order online or go into a shop, saves time and headspace.  Find many user reviews of Goby here.

Goby also partners with NYU College of Dentistry's Global Student Outreach Program, donating a percentage of all sales to help provide dental services to people around the world (if you need any added incentive). 

Goby Toothbrush $70 Shop here.



Flossing is one of a handful of undisputed things we can do to improve our life span. Flossing does two things: prevents gum disease (obvious), and prevents heart disease (not so obvious).  Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in America.  Thankfully,

CocoFloss$8, has put flossing in the spotlight with its stylish packaging, artisanal flavors, subscription service, and engaging marketing. 

“Chrystle and Cat Cu, a dentist-artist sister duo from San Francisco, developed a microfiber coconut-oil-infused floss that better scrubs and cleans your teeth, and comes in “flavors” like cara cara orange, strawberries and cream, and coconut. The secret is in the floss itself, a soft filament that’s lightly waxed, durable enough not to shred or tear even with the most aggressive flossing motions, and with a unique, subtle gripping feel to the thread. The texture almost attracts and snatches the debris from in between your teeth, acting like a exfoliating loofah of sorts, for your gums.”  The Cut

CocoFloss $8. Shop here


Wine Wipes

Wine Wipes

Drinking red wine, leads to the socially unacceptable wine teeth.  That red, dirty film left on teeth and tongue after a delicious Cab or Syrah.  Not only does the acid in wine cause erosion on your precious pearlies (ask Dr. Oz), it also leaves you looking like a vampire.  But giving up wine is an unthinkable.

For years, while drinking red wine I would constantly excuse myself to the bathroom to try to wipe off the stain- using my finger, paper towels, even hand soap- but nothing worked.  Brushing your teeth also ruins the taste of your next sip of wine- so thats not an option.   Wine Wipes$10, remove red stains and residue from your teeth without ruining the taste of your next glass of wine.

Whether you call it purple teeth, Malbec mouth, or red badge of courage, it’s a buzz kill.. keep these stylish little wipes in your purse, every compact has a mirror on top for a discreet check in at any occasion.

Wine Wipes $10. Shop here