3 Tips for Packing Light on any Trip

Choose the right luggage

A key consideration for any trip is choosing the right luggage to fit all your essentials without weighing you down. If you're traveling with just a carry-on sized bag, you want it to be lightweight yet roomy—expandable options are always helpful. Lipault, France is our affordable, stylish, lightweight go to.

Choosing the right wardrobe

The right clothes for any trip can be the most daunting. Depending on the length of trip and activities planned, think about the ‘must brings’ then add in workout clothes, something comfortable to explore in, and clothes that can layer. Check your destination for shopping and know that you can always buy when you arrive, which also couples as a souvenir.

Don’t sacrifice your body care routine—just adjust it

The key is to trim down your routine (and packing list) with multi-purpose products that still get the job done and leave you feeling refreshed. If your daily beauty routines don’t come in travel size, then invest in small containers and tins for your favorite products. Single use Make up remover wipes, sanitizing wipes, and biddettes are essential to keep in your purse and luggage. Hand cream and eye masks are also great perks to treat yourself with on long flights.