A NEW One Stop Site for all Travel Regulations in the World

For those of us still planning travel, it’s now easier than ever to get all your COVID-19 travel information in one place. Thank you Delta Airlines for creating a new interactive map, for travelers to find out everything they need to know — from travel restrictions to local health information — all in one place. 

The new tool allows travelers to search for their destination, anywhere in the world, and scroll through the information they might need while planning a trip. The map provides details about quarantine and testing requirements, required travel forms, local health information, local COVID-19 protocol, and any links travelers may need to access specific information. 

For example, a passenger who searches for travel to Jamaica on the Delta map will see that they are allowed to enter the country, but may be subject to a 14-day quarantine. Travelers can also see links to Jamaica’s Travel Authorization document application and information about the island-wide curfew. If interested, passengers can also see information about Delta’s service to the destination, with the option to book an upcoming flight. 

Safe Travels.