A Wine for All Occasions

Its Wine Wednesday! AKA time to start thinking about drinking wine again after the Monday and Tuesday ‘time off’. Here are some of our picks depending on your current state. Cheers

Diet Wine
Abraxas, Robert Sinskey, Sonoma $45
def. {Vinodiet... now that’s the kind of health kick we can stick with. We all know wine helps the heart but add organic, biodynamic, and low alcohol to the list of benefits and this is a fit on any health nut’s list... Even the bottle is skinny.. You are what you drink.}
Abraxas is a single vineyard field blend of: Pinot Gris, Riesling, Gewurtztraminer and Pinot Blanc. Made without the use of oak, malolactic fermentation or residual sugar, Abraxas is clean, pure and vibrant, with incredible stone fruit and floral aromatics and a crisp mouthfeel.

Hall Pass Wine
Champagne, Savart “Bulle de Rose Premier Cru Extra Brut, Champagne NV
def. {Wine given to significant other in an effort to obtain the imaginary permission slip to go out with on girls night in lieu of quality time with them} Lets be honest, No one should be granted a Hall Pass without dropping a Benjamin.
-An Avant Garde Champagne from the famed Fred Savart. This bottle is so delicious that by the time girls night is over, your partner will be happily passed out, dreaming about ‘vie en rose’ and you can slip into to bed without the usual late-night interrogation.


Wine Snob Stumper
Chardonnay, Liquid farm “White Hill”, Sta. Rita Hills $35
def. {you are far from wine snob, can’t pronounce the word sommelier, and detest slurping your wine, BUT you want to walk into your next dinner party with a prized bottle of boutique wine that even your snobbiest of wine friends can’t come close to topping}
-Liquid Farm is limited production and created in the lean, mineral driven, Burgundian chardonnays selling for hundreds a bottle, but its made in Sta. Rita Hills, California.

White Hill