Are you a High Performer? Here are some signs..

The terms ‘Modern Woman’ and ‘High Performer’ go hand in hand. At The Vanity Project, these terms are at the forefront of all the products we create. So how do you know if you’re a ‘High Performer’? Here’s a compilation of our favorite traits. Now get to it.. 1. You Put In The Work, Day After Day, Everyday.  Becoming a high performer takes significant effort. There’s no away around putting in the work. Consider the practice habits of many elite athletes or working moms. It’s a daily grind to the top. 2. You Work At Learning your Craft From Others  You are open to learning from others and always seeking for a better way. In his book Mastery, Robert Greene finds that most high performers in history (and in our time) work with mentors to develop their skills. Learning from other high performers is one of the best ways to make progress. 3. You Look For Opportunities To Learn And Grow.  High performers rarely stay bored and unchallenged for long. So, follow this action tip: Think about the past three new things you did at work or at play. How did you learn and grow from those efforts? If you’re not seeing growth, consider escaping your comfort zone. 4. You Direct Your Own Learning.  High performers understand the central importance of lifelong learning.. Top performers seek knowledge, always. Read, listen to blogs, take night classes, go to seminars, participate actively in conferences and perfect their craft. 5. You Are Highly Productive.  A recent study found that top perfomers deliver 400% higher productivity than an average performer. They increase their productivity with a combination of strategies: choosing to work on high impact projects, improving their skills and consistently using a proven productivity system. Productivity is a set of habits and ideas that are mastered over time. 6. You Value Your Health and Fitness.  High performers understand that long hours at the office are needed from time to time. However, they know that cutting corners on sleep and exercise is not a smart strategy. In fact, British entrepreneur and billionaire Richard Branson finds that exercise improves his productivity substantially. Branson’s exercise habit gives him at least four additional hours of productive time every day according to an interview he gave in The Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. 7. You embrace change. Growth can’t happen without change. High performers embrace change because they recognize is as part of the process. High performers are uncomfortable in day to day comfort. 8. Top performers are willing to be wrong. The traditional knowledge is power belief is outdated. While having information is certainly powerful, true power comes from sharing knowledge with others so as to enlighten and expand their social, emotional and cognitive bases in such ways that broaden awareness and maximizes potential for everyone.