Beauty Slang Defined

It’s not easy keeping up with the ever changing world of beauty slang so here’s a quick cheat sheet on some current terms that are here for a while.. Baking: A technique of layering translucent powder over your foundation and concealer for 20 minutes to ‘cook’ before removing access powder.  If you ask Kim Kardashian, this trend is on its way out, at least for everyday make up application (honestly, who has the time?). Strobing: Using highlighter. Strobing is different from contouring because no dark shades are used, according to Make Up For Ever director of artistry and education Lijha Stewart. Sleeping pack: An overnight mask. In K-beauty, masks are generally known as packs.  Overnight masks are generally used for intensely hydrating the skin. Here are some of the best according to Bustle HG: An acronym for Holy Grail that denotes your absolute essential beauty product.  Check out #hg on Instagram for favorites. Dupe: Short for duplicate. In the beauty sphere, dupes are less expensive products that have a similar look or use as compared to a more expensive, original creation.  Find Glamour’s list of best dupes here. On-fleek: A term which implies a beauty look is perfect; the term is commonly used in fashion as well.  (I can’t bring myself to use this one). Fotd: An acronym for 'face of the day' and is used extensively on Instagram. A similar slang term for this is 'lotd' or 'look of the day'. Both refer to the beauty look that’s winning the day. Good Luck ;)