Biddettes- The Natural Feminine Wipe for Life On The Go

Biddettes are all-natural wipes that help you freshen up quickly and easily. Before & after your intimate moments, as a step up to toilet paper, during menstruation, or after physical activity.

Biddettes a created with a unique blend of soothing, skin-conditioning botanicals, gentle cleansers, and a light geranium sandalwood scent.

The Ingredients: 

Aloe Vera: A soothing antioxidant that calms sensitive skin while restoring its natural moisture barrier.
Vitamin E: An antioxidant that prevents moisture loss & leaves skin soft and supple.
Chamomile: Gently cleanses and neutralizes skin irritants.• biodegradable, compostable & flushable
• made in the USA
Cucumber: A gentle, cooling cleanser that also hydrates the skin.
Witch Hazel: A natural antibacterial & antiseptic that protects, soothes & refreshes the skin.
Cocoa butter: An excellent moisturizer that deeply hydrates and tones skin.

• gynecologist tested
• hypoallergenic
• pH balanced
• paraben & SLS-free
• biodegradable, compostable & flushable
• made in the USA


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