Burning Man Beauty Hacks

Its that time of year again! Drop your daily grind and head to the desert for a week of art, music and mayhem. In honor of the Burning Man pilgrimage, we’ve curated a list of 10 beauty hacks for Festival Life.

  1. FlyGirl trio of beauty wipes- Clean Slate long wear make up removing wipes, Biddettes feminine wipes, and Pearly Wipes teeth whitening wipes keep you clean where it counts on the go. $8.95 The Vanity Project
  2. Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray- moisturizes dull, dry skin, and gives you an instant refresh. $13.50 Sephora
  3. Coconut Butter- Use on hair, feet, hands, skin- anywhere the dust is determined to crack and burn your skin. “Playa foot” is a real skin condition that will wreak havoc on your life, weeks after you’ve left the festival. Buy a super sized container and share with friends. $200.00 CAP Beauty
  4. Sunscreen- All day every day. Use one that is designed for Active lifestyle so it will stay on through sweat and grime of the playa. Set an alarm for a mid day application. $7.95- $25.00 ULTA Beauty
  5. Face Mask- Depending on how much downtime you give yourself during your time there, this maybe something you get to on the drive home. If you can swing it at least once or twice during the festival, your face will be greatful. For an added treat, put it in your cooler for 15 minutes before you use. $8.00 Blue Mercury


Burning man is not for delicate flowers- its dusty, dirty, sweaty, and is home to some of the  best music and art on the planet. Be prepared and stay clean where it counts.