Casona Sforza: New Stunning 11-room Hotel in Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido used to be just for big wave surfers. Now it's grown into a stunning coastline to explore with new boutique hotels opening yearly, artisan shops, cafes and yes, lots of surfing and water sports for all.

A stunning new addition to this enchanting coast of Puerto Escondido, rises up from the sand like Roman aqueducts. Outlined against the sky, the soaring golden scallops seem like they’ve been here since the beginning of time.  Casona Sforza, is a new 11-room hotel in Mexico’s state of Oaxaca with a mission as beautiful as its form.



The monochromatic color scheme. The ivories, creams, ecrus, beeches — shades of cooling lightness all around — are the same colors as the surrounding bleached sand and stone landscape. Designed by famed Mexican architect Alberto Kalach, the arches of the property are grouped into two sets. The first set of four arches houses the lounge, bar, and restaurant, which overlooks the infinity pool — an aquamarine circle of saltwater. Wide steps hug one side of the perimeter in a series of subtle concentric circles. This detailing evokes a sense of the organic, as if it's a naturally occurring body of water.

Casona Sforza was created out of a desire to fund Pueblo del Sol, a project to bring back millenary traditions to the Oaxacan community. Pueblo del Sol worked with artisans, beekeepers, farmers and anyone who wanted to help create the property and community based project. 

Casona Sforza opened its doors to guests in December 2020. Bringing community into every aspect; mugs and coffee in every suite, restaurant’s fresh produce all grown and created locally at Pueblo del Sol.

To get to the Casona Sforza, you can fly into Puerto Escondido from Mexico City, then a 30minute taxi. Upack. Enjoy.