FabFitFun’s Founders Collective 2018

We here at The Vanity Project love all things FabFitFun.  We subscribe to their boxes, have been featured in the add ons and participated in their StageCoach pop up event. I jumped at the opportunity to attend their first ever FFF Founder’s Collective held at their Summer House in Bel Air.  The Founder’s Collective was a day of inspirational and informative seminars, activations and speakers about beauty, business and the art of the Start.  In true FFF style, the morning started off with a FFF box filled with 8 different amazing products that guests were able to pick from their pop up shop shelves.  I must say, it was a tough decision to pick just 8 full size beauty products with brands like- Grown Alchemist, Morning Recovery, and CAMPO. The FFF Summer house is a stunning property in Bel Air (at a secret location, so don’t ask).  The grounds were covered in gorgeous manicured greenery and the seminars took place on the lawn next to the pool loaded with Funboy floaties.  It was pretty hot all day so the idea of jumping in was pretty compelling had it not been for my pant suit. From 10am-4pm we listened to the start up and growth stories of many well known beauty brands.  Each session ended with Q & A and we were served apps, lunch and happy hour. Here are some of the inspiring takeaways:
  • “Don’t quit your daydream”
  • “Develop relationships with your audience first, then sell your product”
  • “You’ll hit hundreds of No’s before you hear a yes, expect it, and don’t give up”
  • “Surround yourself with mentors who know more than you”
  • “Spend time with your factories to understand how they can give you a leg up in your industry”
  • “Think of your business as a community, not a company”
Many of these things we tell ourselves everyday as entrepreneurs and small businesses, but its great to have them reinforced by others.  Stay engaged. Stay inspired. Thank you FabFitFun