Female Founders


Here is a look at some of our favorite brands, that also happen to be founded by amazing women! Which brands are you into currently?

Emily Weiss, CEO of Glossier

After officially cornering the market on millennial pink, Glossier continues to push the envelope by offering affordable crowd sourced beauty products. They take feedback and input from their customers to tailor products that are sure to please. Our favorites include the Milky Jelly cleanser and the Lid Star in Lily.

Robyn Sue Fisher, CEO of Smitten

Made-to-order ice cream? What a concept! Smitten has revolutionized ice cream by implementing their patented liquid nitrogen technique to churn ice cream for you after you order it! Their Jasmine Tea flavor is too good.

Tyler Haney, CEO of Outdoor Voices

From the gym to the street, the signature two tone leggings by Outdoor Voices have become ubiquitous. The Colorado-based brand supplies both men and women with the freshest in athleisure styles. The Stretch Crepe Track Pant has become our weekend staple.
Don't forget! Our fierce and fearless leader is Kimberly Walker. She continues to shake up the beauty game by providing busy women with hacks to save time and stay looking fresh!