Genius Hacks To Repair Broken Makeup

Lets face it, beauty products are NOT cheap. When you invest in a $20 tube of lipstick, you want to use every last bit of it before you have to replenish your stock. But sometimes, they break or dry out before we're ready to say goodbye. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your products!


Repair crumbled powders with rubbing alcohol Has your eyeshadow or blush started to crumble? This is an easy fix. Apply a few drops of rubbing alcohol and smooth out with your finger or a spoon. Wait for it to dry and it's good to go! Watch the tutorial here.


Reattach broken lipstick with a lighter Melt the broken piece and the base where it broke to fuse them back together. Don't hold the lighter there for too long though or your might melt your lipstick! Via Cosmopolitan.


Soak your mascara in hot water Want to get the most our of your tube of mascara? When you're getting down to the end when it feels lifeless and dried out, soak it in a cup of hot water to loosen up the product. This will give you at least another week!


Lose less product to the sharpener Do you deal with crumbling and breaking when sharpening your makeup pencils? Put them in the freezer for a few minutes before you sharpen to prevent this. Via Michelle Phan.


Revive clumpy nail polish Nice nail polish can get expensive, so it's hard to fathom buying new ones so often when there's still 1/3 left in the bottle! Revive old nail polishes with nail polish thinner. For only about $4 you can save all of your favorites. Via The Daily Varnish.


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