Happy National Wine Day!

It's National Wine Day! Bustle was kind enough to write an awesome article about Wine Wipes to commemorate the "holiday". Check out the full article at www.bustle.com or read it below.


"While rosé may be the drink of choice for many during the summer months, some of us — like me — will always be partial to a good red wine. Unfortunately, red wine isn't all relaxation and tastiness, it can stain your teeth. Now, however, Wine Wipes are here to help your chompers cope with the unfortunate side effects of your love of red wine. While the concept may seem a bit odd, think about all the time you'll save on post wine drinking whitening kits and all the anxiety you'll be spared worrying that your lips are now purple.
Wine Wipes are not a new product, but they are celebrating their tenth anniversary just in time for National Wine Day on May 25. What is it that has given the brand such longevity? Their uniqueness. Wine Wipes isn't a product to use after all of your wine is gone. The wipes have been specially formulated with sommeliers to have a slight orange blossom taste found in most red wines. This means that if you snag a wine wipe in between sips, it won't effect the taste of your Malbec.
The other great element of the product? They're safe for use on your teeth. Wine Wipes won't damage enamel, gums, or teeth since they were developed in tandem with dentists. Plus, the ingredients are all natural, so there's no concern for your health. Where can you snag this miracle product? If you're an online shopper, the Wine Wipes website and Amazon both sell the product, and various retailers and boutiques stock them as well. The prices are also seriously reasonable. For a compact, red wine lovers need only pay $9.95, and if you really want to stock up on the product, a pack of 50 only costs $27. If you've been looking for a way to sip red wine a la Olivia Pope sans stains, Wine Wipes may just be your ideal product. With a neutral taste, excellent price point, and perfect concept, they're basically perfect."