Healthy Holiday Hacks

The Holidays are here.  Tis the season to over eat, over drink, and over indulge.   A demanding holiday schedule of parties and dinners make moderation difficult, so we created a list of 5 things to help keep you on track for a healthy holiday season while still being able to celebrate at will.

  • Create a plan. Make a conscious recorded effort to increase your workouts or control your intake during the holidays (now-Dec. 31).  Whether it’s adding an extra hour of workout per week, limiting the amount of wine you drink at each party, or a ‘no hangover’ policy, writing out a plan is a great way to keep moderation at the forefront of the holiday season.
  • Pre-Game. Never show up to a holiday party hungry. The temptations are too great for an empty stomach.  Eat some healthy snacks before you arrive to help curb the urge to gorge on all the tasty holiday treats like dip & chips and dessert.
  • Drink some water. I know, I know, water isn’t sexy but a good rule of thumb is one glass of wine = one glass of water. Be mindful to hydrate throughout the day and throughout any event.  Water will not only provide you with energy, but it’s a great way to prevent over drinking and eating.
  • Dawn Patrol. Holidays are filled with last minute happy hours, impromptu party invites and long lunches. Working out first thing in the morning ensures that you get it done.  Try changing up your workout routine by adding a HIIT workout. 
  • Self Care. Holidays are exhausting.  Don’t forget to make time for self love.  Sheet masks like The Fixer, massages, and mediation will help you make it to 2022 unscathed. 

You’ve got this. Happy holidays!