How Not to be Hungover

Drinking is fun, but the morning after probably isn’t.  

Here’s a few tricks to help you avoid a painful morning:

1. W A T E R

This should not be a surprise at all.  Everyone knows that water is the wonder drink but they so often forget how important it is to keep tabs on how much they drink.  Making sure you sip water in between drinks and have a few tall glasses before you go to bed will keep you hydrated and dilute the alcohol, allowing your body to have an easier recovery.

2. Eat a Hearty Meal Before

On a day that you know you’ll be drinking a lot, it’s best if you skip the salad and splurge on the burger or other high protein, high carb meals.  Eating a meal with enough protein and carbs will help your body to absorb and metabolize the alcohol better, also keeping you from getting too drunk too fast.

3. Feel like water won’t do the trick? Try some supplements.

Staying up-to-date on your multivitamins is always useful, but there are also plenty of anti-hangover supplements that are loaded with electrolytes that can help kill your hangover before it kills you.  Brands such as DripDrop and Liquid-IV make dissolving powders that are loaded with natural ingredients and vitamins (electrolytes) that are designed to help your body rehydrate quicker and even help with a better night’s rest, which is also important to avoid a hangover.

4. The lower the sugar and chemicals, the better.

Studies have shown that clear alcohol tends to leave you with less of a hangover than darker liquors, which are higher in sugar and congeners (chemicals) that cause for more intense hangovers.  It is also ideal to stay away from high-sugar mixers such as juice or soda as those will increase your hangover the next day as well.

Of course, drinking in moderation is always the number one answer, but we know that sometimes the festivities last longer than expected.  Next time you know you’re in for a long night (or day) of drinking, put some of these tactics to the test and thank us later.