How to be Smarter, Heathier and Better Looking in February

We all have the desire to be smarter, healthier and better looking, but life is busy .   Just keeping up with the day to day grind can be a struggle.   To celebrate a new month,  we’ve compiled a list of tweaks and tricks that will increase your quality of life, without adding another task on your to do list. 

  • Drink salted water. Add a couple pinches of Himalayan salt to your glass in the morning to help replenish your body’s electrolytes.
  • Wake up early. While writing his book, author Benjamin Spall interviewed more than 300 successful people and found that 6:27am was their average wake-up time.
  • Add an exercise session between 2:30pm and 4:30pm to restore alertness. “Walk or run up and down a minimum of three flights of stairs when you need a pick-me-up.” Matt Berenc, Equinox Fitness Training Institute
  • Finish your shower with a cold plunge every day. It’s invigorating, refreshing, exhilarating, and amazing for recovery and stress relief.
  • Work in a room with high ceilings. A study in the Journal of Consumer Research found that airy spaces induce clearer thinking and boost energy.
  • Remember to play. Albert Einstein said  “to stimulate creativity one must develop childlike inclination for play.”  Go to a park or a playground and jump over any obstacles in your path.
  • Read fiction. Research in the journal Brain Connectivity found that novels help you flex your imagination and improve brain function.
  • Schedule a block of time on Sundays for silence. “It’s a great way to practice being mindful. I try to keep my surroundings very quiet and talk as little as possible.” Cooper Mann, Equinox NYC