How to fly like Private on a Commercial Flight

Ready to take off but not on a commercial flight. We get it. Thankfully Aero has launched its ‘feels like private’ flights on the sexiest non-private plane available.

A crack team of aerospace engineers, design veterans from IDEO, and one of the co-founders of Uber came together to push the experience of flying to new heights. After completing its first route, L.A. to Aspen, in April, Aero announced its next one from L.A to Napa Valley. In the grand scheme, a couple routes seem pretty small. But the start-up upscale airline is introducing some big ideas into the stale commercial aviation space. Flying from private terminals, the business model is to offer a premium experience for the cost of first class on a big-name jet ($1,250 per flight.) Future destinations include Jackson Hole, Ibiza, Mykonos, and France. Pretty much everywhere you want to be.

Beyond the convenience and service factors, Aero is attempting something much grander: a total reinvention of the passenger journey. From the customization of the interior design to the introduction of situational mood-driven ambient lighting to a one-of-a-kind sound system, the company’s repurposed aircrafts offer an optimistic vision for the future of flying. Aero has to be the only airline in the world that gets its inspiration from architecture textbooks, midcentury furniture design, and heritage fashion houses.

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