How to Survive ‘STAY AT HOME’; our guide to staying sane and healthy at home.

Well, we’re now a few days into the ‘Stay at home’ lifestyle and I’m not going to lie, it’s starting to feel a little bit like prison.  If you’re also wondering what the f**k are we supposed to do to keep sane over the next 30 days, this guide’s for you. Stay safe out there.
Self Care
Up until a week ago, self care was something we tried to squeeze in at least once a week. Now is the time to relish in it. Face masks, long baths, meditation, at home mani-pedis, etc..
Try ‘The Fixer CBD face mask’ for a relaxing treat. CBD, Aloe, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid all work together to fight inflammation caused by modern lifestyles, stress and dehydration.
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‘Stay at Home’ doesn’t mean we can’t go outside and enjoy nature. Now, more than ever, it’s important for our mental health to spend time outside, getting those endorphins working. Run, Bike, Hike, Walk, just go outside. If you can’t, then stream your workouts. Here are some of our favorites
Tracy Anderson
Barre 3
Cold Showers
Keep your immune system strong by starting the day with a cold shower. We’ve blogged about it before. The data doesn’t lie, take the plung for an immune system booster. Read more about it here.
Eat Healthy
If America was overweight before, god help us once this crisis is over. You only have to glance at IG to see we’re turning to comfort foods for just that; casseroles, cakes, cinnamon rolls may make you feel good for a moment, but gaining weight doesn’t cure stress. For most of us, it creates it. Now is the time to think about eating nutrient rich foods. We’re all in danger of the virus and the stronger we can be, the healthier we can eat, the better shape we’ll be in.

Drink Good Wine.
Alcohol sales are skyrocketing. Keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum by buying quality, not quantity. Give yourself a budget and buy bottles of wine that you can enjoy, appreciate, and get excited about. Make a bottle of wine the special occasion we all crave in a time where we’re struggling to find a reason to celebrate.

Read, Write, Reflect
This is a time in our lives and the history of our world that is unprecedented. Use it wisely. We’re a society of on-the-go. Now is the time to explore stillness and what that means to you. There are gifts hidden in this blood bath, we just have to search for them.

We’re sending strong prayers and love to the world. We’re all in this together. Stay Safe.