How to survive without lash extensions during ‘Shelter in Place’

I vowed to never be without my lash extensions shortly after my first set. I never fathomed a global pandemic would make my goal unattainable. It’s now been almost 4 weeks since my last extension session, and I can count the lashes I still have on two hands. Mascara isn’t enough anymore so I’ve compiled short list of options, thanks to an afternoon with google.
The Mink Falsies
For the most real-looking strip lashes, pick up a mink set (these ones are made up of naturally shed hairs). They're pricier than synthetic, but can be reused up to 20 times.
Ms. Falsies Mink False Lashes, $8,  Colourpop
The Lash-Growth Serum
When this product launched in Japan in 2014, it took just a few weeks to completely sell out in. The hype? Its combo of plant extracts and amino acids boost blood flow to your lash follicles to help them grow, while also strengthening the hairs.
Shiseido Full Lash Serum, $42, Shiseido
The Tubing Mascara
Instead of just sitting on your lashes like regular mascara, this one coats each individual strand in a 3-D polymer tube for maximum length and volume. It's also waterproof, and loaded with vitamin E to keep your fringe healthy.
Too Faced Lash Injection in Blackest Black, $28,
Elle and Byrdie both reviewed this hybrid between at home lash extensions and mascara with stunning results.
Lashify Control Kit $145.00
Stay Safe. Look Good. Drink Well. And Wash your Hands.