Lady Gaga Shares Creative Wisdom with Wallpaper

Hello March. Starting a new month is the perfect time for a glass of inspiration from one of the most Iconic artists of our time. As Lady Gaga and Dom Pérignon reveal their campaign for the Maison’s 2013 vintage, the artist tells Wallpaper* of its inspiration, her creative process and champagne moments. Read the excerpts here. Link to full article below.

Lady Gaga on the theme of the campaign

Its theme, the labor of creation, ‘means that you need to work hard. Without being too crass, it’s not just about taking a photo with your iPhone. You have to put in the work. You have to research imagery. You have to watch films, you have to read poetry, you have to read books, you have to also have a chat with yourself about being innovative. Otherwise, anyone can make art nowadays. Truly, everyone does it all day long. I think that this campaign was about those of us who have made it our life mission. That’s all we do. I spent all day today making art. All I did was create all day long, and I just stared at it and listened to it and just worked… It is a labor of love. And it’s important to do that because it’s a real privilege to make art. So you have to work hard because some people don’t have the privilege.’

Lady Gaga on her creative process

As a multi-hyphenate cultural juggernaut, Lady Gaga’s creative involvement spans many fields. ‘I don't know that anyone in particular would think that I do them all well, but I like to do them anyway,’ she admits. Nevertheless, whether it's songwriting, composing, choreography or something else, there is a consistency in her creative process: ‘Sometimes it's an idea that just comes to me in the moment, just from being around people. Sometimes it's when I'm alone, sometimes it's a poem that I might write or read. Sometimes I just want to play piano. Sometimes I hear a melody in my head and I sing it out loud. I record it really fast, I run to the piano. And other times, someone might come to me with an idea and say, “What do you think?” And then I say, “Well, let me just take a moment.” And I reflect on it and then we begin the collaborative process.’

Lada Gaga on this cultural moment

‘Culture is incredibly important – and I do think that art and culture are having a bit of a hard time at the moment. I think that there's a difference between making artistic things and then being in an artistic culture, meaning a culture of artistry, artists that hang out together, artists that talk to each other, spend time together, create together. It's not about status, it's about the work.

‘Culture is immensely important. It affects politics, it affects humanity, because politics affects humanity. It affects society, and I think that we could put a lot more importance on it being not financially rich, but emotionally rich.’

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