Mother's Day Gifts: Shelter in Place Edition

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Since being with mom this year, during Shelter in Place, isn’t an option for most of us, here are a few creative ways to show her your love and appreciation from afar.
Self Care Essentials Box
$35 w/free shipping
Send mom a kit of self-care essentials including a Vanity Project sheet mask, a Nite Nite patch, a bar of Compartes chocolate, a packet of Spirit Dust and a Public Supply journal.
$180 for one year subscription
Learn from the world’s best! With over 80 instructors teaching a myriad of subjects. Whether its business and leadership, photography, cooking, writing, music, sports and more, Masterclass delivers a world class online learning experience. Video lessons stream to your personal computer, phone or apple TV.
Cook Space, Brooklyn
Online Classes, prices vary
They take the same flexible approach they do in they’re in studio classes, tasting as they go, adjusting to your personal preferences and learning about each ingredient as they make magic with it. Designed to help cultivate your practice of cooking while you have the time at your disposal, expand your creativity by using what you have on hand, and develop your personal preferences while you have the presence to pay attention to them.
Brunch, Delivered
With many of the best restaurants in most communities now delivering as they’re only option for service (with mimosa’s included), this is a great treat to send mom on her special day. Splurge on a fancy brunch or dinner with a note of gratitude and a facetime.