No MakeUp Monday

Natural beauty.  A concept that is desirable but so often misunderstood.  At The Vanity Project, we believe that everyone woman is naturally beautiful with their unique look no matter what and it breaks our heart to know that many women don’t feel as confident in their natural skin.

Not only is feeling comfortable outside without makeup good for your soul, but it’s great for your skin as well!  We tend to hide our “flaws” with heavy coverage makeup, but little do we realize that these flaws can never be perfected unless we give them sufficient time.  The more you let your skin breathe, the better you’ll begin to feel about a naked face.

A few physical and mental benefits of taking a no-makeup Monday include:

  • Giving your skin break keeps it cleaner and healthier.  There are so many remedies to fix mend things like acne or even out your skin tone, but the more time you spend covering them with makeup, the less time they have to clear up.
  • Wearing less or no makeup on a daily basis also eliminates extra toxins that you are adding to your skin.  Products like eyeshadow or foundation are designed to absorb into your pores, and when not removed thoroughly at the end of the day, can leave toxins that cause more skin problems than before.
  • No Makeup Mondays can also save you an extra hour in the morning.  You can use this time to sleep, get extra work done, or treat yourself to breakfast on the way to your first responsibility of the day.  Mondays aren’t everyone’s day, but spicing up your morning with the time you save from putting on makeup can make your Monday just a little bit better.
  • Growing your self-confidence is always a good benefit.  Getting comfortable with not wearing makeup on Mondays can be a great gateway into feeling more confident everyday.  You can even begin to feel more comfortable wearing little to no makeup on other days and spread your new found self-confidence to other women around you.

It might feel a little odd at first, but don’t be afraid to take the initiative to start a No Makeup Monday trend!  If anyone comments on it, answer with confidence. Maybe you’ll compel them to do the same. We all deserve to feel comfortable in our own skin and let our natural beauty shine, so why not start this Monday?

Let your skin be free while you stay fabulous.