Podcast Playlist for an Inspired Life

At The Vanity Project, we love a good podcast.  There’s really no better way to get through a commute, long drive, or down time.  Here are some of our current favorites:
  1. Super Soul Sundays with Oprah.
This 30 minute weekly podcast features interviews with a variety of guests that inspire and offer insight into living your best life.  Oprah is just in a class of her own and she proves it again by these throughtful, deep, and always moving interviews.  Some of my favorites are: Maya Angelou and Salma Hayak (be sure to listen to both)
  1. Goop
We love all things Goop.  The podcast is an audible extension of the brand featuring disrupters, gurus and provocative conversations.  The inaugural episode with Oprah is a must listen.
  1. Tim Ferris
I knew him as the author of 4 hour work week, but became quickly addicted to his long form interviews with high performers in every field.  The interviews are long and worth every minute.  For Alphas, this is your go to podcast.  Some of my favorite interviews are with Jamie Foxx (Part 1 and 2), Terry Crews, Brian Grazer, and Arianna Huffington.