Random Things I Can't Live Without

At The Vanity Project, we are all about celebrating the things that make our busy lives easier. That's why we created Wine Wipes! Today, I thought it would be fun to share those items that I simply can't live without! Some of the items are less than glamorous, but that doesn't make them any less helpful to me. What products do you reach for, day after day?
Flossers. I am obsessed with flossing, I hate plaque! These flossers really do the trick but they must be the "twin line" ones. You know the feeling when you just can't get ahold of your chapped lips? This lip balm is a lifesaver. It will completely transform dry, chapped lips overnight. Plus, I love the chic packaging. I'm that person who would try pickle-flavored ice cream if it was served to me. I am a pickle fanatic. My true favorite pickles are served at Saul's Deli in Berkeley, but for store-bought I enjoy the Claussen mini dill pickles. I order 2 bottles of this sunscreen at a time, because I am terrified of running out. I discovered this Korean beauty brand, Make Prem, while researching skincare on reddit. It has the lightest gel formula and since it's a chemical sunscreen, you don't have to worry about a white cast. I legitimately reapply this every time I go outdoors. I'll admit it, I love trashy reality television. The messy romances, the drunken fights, the teary-eyed confessional scenes - I love it all. I'm watching Floribama Shore right now and truly enjoying every minute of it.