Rosé Wine Picks for a Sunny Weekend

The sun is shining in California and we’re heading into our first heat wave of 2020. What does that mean for us now that many of the beaches and hiking trails are closed? It means Rosé.
In honor of the beautiful weekend ahead of us, here are some of our current favorite wine picks for the occasion and a list of our favorite online wine shops that deliver.

Matthiason Rose
Rosé, Matthiasson, Napa
Lean, esoteric style of winemaking that’s changing the perception of California wines. Low alcohol, high acid, restrained fruit, means you can drink a bottle (Or two) and still feel good the next day.

Domaine du Dragon 
Rosé, Domaine du Dragon, Provence
Quintessential Provencial. The term ‘rose´ all day’ originated from this region. Dragon boasts chalky soil and cooler climate than many roses from this area while still offering exceptional value.

Scribe rose
Rosé, Scribe Una Lou, Sonoma 
Can $11.00
In case you’re stay at home plan involves a big hike and picnic. A rosé for on-the-go enjoyment. Just don’t drink and drive.

Francios Crochet
Rosé of Pinot Noir, Francois Crochet, Sancerre
Elegant and refined are two words used to describe any wines from Francois Crochet. Red fruits, watermelon, wet stone with vibrant acidity and long finish. Stunning wine for rose aficionados looking for something a little more special than your provincial porch pounder.
Online Wine Shops 
Verve NYC- www.vervewine
Chambers St. Wines, NYC-
Tribeca Wine Merchants-
K&L Wine Merchants-
Granada Grocery, SLO-