Seasonal Wine Options for Your Autumn Soiree

The arrival of Fall brings a new atmosphere to your senses. From dwindling daylight hours to cooler evenings that are perfect for gatherings around your fire pit, this season is a welcome relief from the summertime hustle and bustle. Many of us enjoy the change in weather and pace by hosting an autumn soiree filled with good food and delicious seasonal wine. 

From a tasty dessert wine to a smooth, oaky Chardonnay, there is a favorite wine style to suit every palate at your end of summer get-together. When deciding on which is best, consider everything from the food you will eat to the environment around you and your guests. Also, don’t limit yourself to just one or two wines! Just like how all the classic colors of Fall complement one another, so can offering several types of wine at your celebration.

Wine for the fall autumn season

Choosing A Wine Your Guests Will Fall For

Your friends and family will always enjoy traditional treats like pumpkin pie and caramel apples, but certain wines complement cool weather and colorful leaves that make this a favorite time of year. This fall alcoholic drink adds to the hearty soups and casseroles that will make your soiree a hit. 

Consider some of these recommended wine options below to create the perfect combination of seasonal fun and delectable drinks for your party-goers. 

An Oaky Chardonnay for Special Days

The unmistakable deep notes of nutty goodness make this golden wine a rewarding choice for any fall time gathering. Served with a filling chicken stew or alongside a sweet Halloween treat, your guests will enjoy every sip of this autumn favorite.

Wine Spooky Season halloween

Add Some Halloween Spirit With a Robust Pinot Noir

For those who are planning to host a party for more than just the kids on October 31st, a full-bodied Pinot Noir is the perfect alcoholic Halloween drink. While your little trick-or-treaters are out getting sugary snacks from your neighbors, you and your guests can enjoy a fruity flavored treat with a roasted turkey dinner. Pinot Noir will add a pop of flavor that pairs well with many different meal ideas.

Shiraz For Cool Nights and Warm Friendships

Fall parties held in the evening need a wine that keeps its drinkers cozy against the cold. Shiraz is a red that spices up its flavor with pepper accents. This is an excellent wine for conversation and music while cooking up some barbecue ribs on your grill one last time before winter.

Add a Sweet Sauternes to Your Dessert Offerings

Autumn inspires recipes of delicious dessert bread and wines! A fall celebration wouldn’t be complete without this tasty combination of things we love. Sauternes has a special uniqueness about it that brings out even more mouth-watering flavors with a bite of pumpkin pie. This popular Fall alcoholic drink is always a guest pleaser.

Help Your Guests Enjoy Their Autumn Soiree Experience

Despite fall signaling the year is almost over, you have numerous seasonal wine and meal options to enhance the fanfare of your autumn soiree. To achieve this, having a fresh palate when transitioning from one wine to another is key. 

Having wine wipes on hand to help your celebrants enjoy every hint of flavor in your fall wine choices is the perfect solution to this dilemma. From disposable wipe cloths to dissolvable options, these are handy for freshening breath and preventing visible red wine stains on the teeth. Guests will enjoy the pleasant citrus after taste which will cleanse their palate for soon-to-come servings of scrumptious delights.

Don’t Hesitate To Experiment With Fall Flavors

Fall soirees are all about fun no matter how big or small your celebration will be. Have fun with your experience and experiment with pairing different fall alcoholic drink favorites and food dishes. The holidays are nearly here once those first days of crisp weather and changing fall colors arrive. Don’t miss out on opportunities to enjoy the luscious indulgence of good autumn wine.