"Set-Jetting"; the new trend in Travel.

In the last quarter of 2022, bleisure was a hot topic that arose as shifted mindsets caused professionals to want to combine their business travel with leisure. However, by Q1 of 2023, “set-jetting” has taken the limelight.

The concept is where travelers visit destinations featured in movies and TV shows. “It’s definitely not new,” said Jason Cutinella, founder and CEO of Honolulu-based media company NMG Network. However, it’s only now being given a name. And it makes sense, considering the binge-worthy content that was fawned over for the better parts of 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic.

According to research by Expedia, “streamed movies and TV shows are now the top sources of travel inspiration (40%), outpacing the influence of social media (31%).” The online travel company also reported that “68% of travelers considered visiting a destination after seeing it in a show or movie on a streaming platform, and a whopping 61% booked a trip.”

Cutinella said that in his home-base of Hawaii, it’s nearly impossible to talk about set-jetting without mentioning HBO’s anthology series The White Lotus (the first season was filmed at Hawaii’s Four Seasons Resort Maui and was released in July 2021). Previously, Cutinella said Hawaii “was two things—a honeymoon destination, or a destination you worked your whole life to be able to bring your whole family to, once.” He recalled working at Waikiki’s Hard Rock Cafe during college and meeting people who fit this bill. 

Set-jetting isn’t unique to Hawaii. Areas like Wyoming and Montana are seeing surges in stays thanks to Yellowstone and like minded shows. New Orleans is experiencing the set-jet phenomenon as well, thanks to You Honor. This is one trend that shows no sign of slowing.