Summer Beauty Hacks To Help You Beat The Heat

It's hot out, and the temperature is rising as we get deeper into July. It can be hard to look your best when your face is melting and your clothes are sticking to you! Here are some tips to help beat the heat.


Keep Blisters At Bay Rockin' your cutest sandals can be hard when your feet are covered in Band-Aids. Keep blisters away by spritzing your feet and toes with a spray deodorant. It will help keep moisture and friction at bay. Another genius use is to spray your inner thighs to prevent chafing.


Use Vaseline This is a great summer option for so many things. Apply to cracked heels for a deep moisture. Coat your eyelashes with it instead of mascara for pool days when you want to avoid raccoon eyes, it will make them look thicker! It's also great for helping your perfume last all day. Apply it to your pressure points before applying perfume.


Skip the Hairdryer Blow drying your hair is a struggle when you wake up to a 70 degree morning. Skip the unnecessary heat by opting for a sea salt spray. You'll have some nice beach waves and you won't overheat yourself!


Freeze Aloe Vera To easily soothe that inevitable sunburn, keep an ice cube tray filled with aloe vera in your freezer for a quick fix. Not only will the aloe be great for your skin, but the cold with help with the initial burn.


Keep Dry Shampoo On Hand With higher temps, you're bound to sweat more. Keep a travel sized dry shampoo on hand at all times in case you need a quick refresher.


Pack Blotting Papers I love blotting papers. You can buy a purse-size pack at your local drugstore. If your face is getting too shiny throughout the day, you'll have them ready to go!


 Stay cool out there!