The Best Wine for a Romantic Date Night

Red Wine date night

Love is a beautiful thing! But in our quest for love, a lot of things can wrong. From the long uncomfortable silence, nervous first kiss, and fear of flatulence among other mishaps, dating is a challenge on many fronts. A simple blunder could spoil the moment and forge a lousy impression. So how are you supposed to boost your chances of a second date without too much effort? Leave it to your bottle of wine.

Wine and Romance – The Timeless Pair

When you picture a romantic dinner date, what comes to mind? I envision a candlelit dinner, roses, chocolate, slow music, and of course, a glass of red wine. Red wine is often associated with good food pairings, romantic names, health benefits, and even helps release oxytocin (the love hormone). The only obvious disadvantage of having red wine might be the red teeth stains while you’re smiling. That’s where Wine Wipes come into the equation. Sure, red wine sounds like the best wing man for a date, but that's only if you know exactly which types of wine to get.  Here’s a brief list of the most popular red wine varieties based on the grapes:

A Brief Introduction to Popular Red Wine Varieties

  1. Merlot (Mare-lo): Merlot is a French name which translates into The Little Blackbird. If you are relatively new to red wine, order a Merlot. Why? It is known for its elegant, smooth, soft, and plummy taste. It’s simply easy to drink and pair with nearly any meal.

  2. Cabernet Sauvignon (Ca-burr-nay so-veen-yaw): This is the most popular wine variety in the United States, and deservedly so. Cabernet Sauvignon has notable acidity and is associated with a full-bodied taste. The flavor of this red wine variant improves with age and pair perfectly with bold foods such as red meat.

  3. Pinot Noir (Pee-know na-wahr): Do you want to impress your date and appear as a real charmer? Why don’t you go for the most romanticized variety of red wine? But be warned, Pinot Noir is a rare find because the grapes are difficult to grow. It boasts of a fruity aroma (plum, strawberry, cherry) and very soft tannins – creating a fresh and delicate structure.

  4. Syrah (or Shiraz in Australia): This grape is famous for its tannic and rich quality, as well as a peppery and fruity aromatic taste profile. It’s mainly grown in France, Australia, and California. Syrah lovers often give a vibe of being adventurous and confident.

In Conclusion

Are you ready to romance your date? Drinking wine on the first date has a long list of benefits. It’s sexier than a coffee date at a corner store and less intimidating than having a full course meal. Wine has featured in simple quotes, songs, and even poems. To quote A Drinking Song by W.B Yeats, “Wine enters through the mouth, Love the eyes.” In a nutshell, wine is an elixir of love. But not just any type of wine – each variety has its perks. The same way bubbly wines such as champagne are associated with celebration, red wine has always been linked to romance. Whether it’s a Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah, red wine is perfect for setting a romantic mood for the perfect date night.



Guest Article written by: Stephen Akhterov