The inaugural ABC Art Baja California Festival will serve as a showpiece for local art.

The ABC Art Baja California Festival will celebrate art and culture across three cities in Baja California Sur- La Pa, San Jose, and Todos Santos. The festival offers two main programs: Lo Local and El Patio, which aim to promote local spaces and projects, and showcase sculptures and installations in an open-air landscape. In addition to these programs, visitors can enjoy special events such as El Cine, La Reunion, The Market, and La Fruta.’With works and NFTs on display and for sale the festival promises to be a vibrant and exciting showcase of talent from artists such as Ana Teresa Fernández, Arturo Hernández Alcázar, and Joel Grossman. The festival kicks off March 10 and lasts for 45 days, ending on April 23.

Other notable events in the program are:

  • 'El Cine': Curated by Samantha Ozer, which will bring together a selection of artists' videos and short films, and some feature films. It will take place at the Manuel Márquez de León Theater.
  • 'EL NFT': A series of NFTs will be presented created by the winners of the award given by the Palm Foundation, an organization that seeks to empower marginalized communities on Web3 through a scholarship program aimed at education, access opportunities and amplification of the work of artists and developers on the Palm Network.
  • 'La Reunion': Conversations with artists and agents of the art scene.
  • 'The Market': Proposals from local designers.
  • 'La Fruta': By Feel The Fruit, fusing art with fruit.
  • 'La Plaza': Performances and artistic interventions in the central square of Todos Santos.
  • ‘El Mural’: Live creation of a mural.