The Perfect Summer Treat

Step aside frosé, there's a new favorite beverage in town. Why drink your booze when you could also have it in the form of a popsicle? Here are our top recipes!


#1 Prosecco Dipped Pops This one is simple. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite Prosecco, drop a popsicle of your choice in and enjoy! Feeling fancy? Try this delicious peach pop recipe for a twist on the classic bellini.


#2 If You Like Piña Coladas... Want to feel like you're on vacation? Try this take on a piña colada. All that's missing is the beach and a tiny umbrella!


#3 The Spicy Margarita This sweet and spicy concoction will have you ready to fiesta. Spicy jalapeño infused tequila, fresh mangos and lime... YUM!


#4 Watermelon Mojito The fresh watermelon provides a beautiful bright pink color while the spearmint gives that minty-mojito pop.


#5 Limoncello Pops This Italian twist on popsicles will leave you refreshed all summer. Mix in fresh basil and lemon slices for a pop of color.


Ok bye, going home to make all of these right now.