Top 10 Ways to Travelust from Home

We’re all feeling a little stir crazy without our usual travel, stewing about all the places we would be going to or would have been to in 2020, thinking about all the places all the places we hope to get to sometime soon. After all, so much of travel fun lies in the preparation and research of our next adventure. “It’s important to remember that travel is also a state of mind,” U.S. editor of CN Traveler Jesse Ashlock reminds us “And that you don’t necessarily have to go far away to feel far away.”

We’ve compiled a short list of 10 ways to travel without leaving your house, which we hope will help you feel some hope, inspiration and connectivity to the world we’re all missing so much.  

  1. Make a short list of the 3 places you’ll visit next
  2. Improve your own iPhone photography skills by taking a master class, researching how the pro’s do it, then practicing on your own.
  3. Read memoirs by some of the world's most adventurous women
  4. Buy holiday gifts from one of our favorite hotel shops; Soho House, El Cosmico, or Ace Hotels or buy gift certificates for future travel as the ultimate stocking stuffer.
  5. Update your Go Bag with hand sanitizers, beauty wipes and other newly relevant on-the-go items. dopp kit the next time you travel.
  6. Learn a new language with a digital classroom
  7. Explore the world by cooking through every country
  8. Rewatch old seasons of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown, and learn about places you've never been to.