Travel Hacks for your Next Flight

  Summer is here! Time to hit the road…or as I prefer; the skies.  But lets face it, dealing with airports, TSA, and commercial flights is usually the antithesis to vacation.  Here are some tips to keep you sane while you fly: Check in early.  Set an alarm 24 hours before your flight to ensure you get the best seat.  Seatguru can also help with this. Workout before & after.  A good sweat before you spend hours in line and in a cramped seat will keep the anxiety at bay.  A post flight workout will help sweat out the toxins from the journey. Food. Bring your own.  If it’s a morning flight, I always bring activated overnight oats from Moon Pantry.  If it’s a day or night flight, soup or a grain bowl is infinitely tastier than coach class plane fare. Hydration. Drink coconut water before the flight and buy a bottle of water after you’ve passed through security. Moisturize.  Wear a night moisturizer on long flights to provide extra hydration for your skin and bring a small tube of hand lotion (keep it under 3oz.) Clothing. Wear your easiest slip on and off shoes.  Leave belts and metal items in your carry on.  Scarves are great as they can be used as a blanket, head rest and dress up comfortable travel outfits. Print your boarding Pass.  I know, its old school, but save your phone battery for more important things.  You can’t rely on the planes to have working phone chargers. Carry on.  Maximize your travel wardrobe.  With over booked flights and endless delays, it’s the only way to ensure your bag arrives when you do.  Vacation time is precious, keep as much of it as you can for fun. Board Early.  It’s the only way to ensure your carry on luggage doesn’t have to go in cargo.  Waiting for your carry on is a tragic way to miss a connection. Travel Well!