Travel Tips for Your Summer Adventures

Its officially Summer travel season, whether you’ve already got your trips mapped out or you’re still contemplating your schedule, here are some tips to keep in mind for your next adventure: Booking Pick an airline and stay loyal to it.  Take into consideration where you travel most often, and where the airline goes.  I try to always fly United Airlines because it offers the best flights from SLO to NYC, and it flies to most major airports in the world.  United Airlines offers a great frequent flyer program with complementary upgrades, Premier check in, complimentary baggage check and passes to United lounge. Always book your travel with a high point credit card.  I prefer Chase Premier or United Mileage, both offer better points then American Express.  Chase Premier also doesn’t charge a transaction fee for foreign travel. Packing What to pack? If I’m traveling on vacation, my motto is to pack less and buy if needed.  Its good to support the economy in the part of the world you’re traveling to, and it’s a great way to get to know local makers and artisans. Besides, carrying a bunch of items from home, while traveling, just feels heavy. Remember to think about TSA, weight and value of items, especially if you’re traveling alone or aren’t sure where you might end up (my kind of trip). Electronics Don’t forget your charger and adapter.  Shopping for these are a waste of time and money.  I travel often so leaving my email and phone behind isn’t really an option. I like being able to keep on top of my responsibilities as much as I can when I travel so I feel good about traveling more often.  Instead of hauling around a laptop, I bring a Bluetooth keyboard and pair to my phone when needed.  Its lightweight and slips into my backpack. Always make sure to download your favorite spotify list and podcasts before you leave the house so you can listen at your leisure in areas where wifi isn’t available. Wipes Wipes are a travel essential! Lightweight, small, disposable and TSA friendly.  Here are my favorites: I always keep Pearly Wipes in my pocket in case I need a quick mouth clean up and cant brush my teeth- after long flight, bus ride, etc..  Biddettes are also a must- I use these when hiking, camping or on any type of travel that I don’t have easy and constant access to a shower.  OFF wipes with DEET are vital for traveling to any regions with mosquitos.  Ursa Major face wipes for quick face refresh. Everything Else.. Bring a lightweight and large scarf. This is great for traveling through modest attire countries (plus it can also be a pillow in a pinch). Opt for paperback books over hardback and be OK with leaving them along the way for other travelers to read. Bring a small Nalgene so you don’t have to constantly buy small water bottles throughout your travels. Buy a small journal- something you can keep in your pocket to take notes, keep track of addresses, etc.. I love the pocket moleskins.   Happy travels!