Vipp arrives to Milan with a stunning new Hotel

One might not expect the origin story for a pop-up hotel in a 13th-century Italian palazzo to begin with a trash can. But here’s how it happened: a cylindrical bin Danish metalsmith Holger Nielsen designed in 1939 for his wife’s hair salon became a highlight of the permanent design collection at MoMA. It inspired a full industrial design brand, Vipp, and a portfolio of six hospitality experiences. This year, Vipp Hotel’s seventh location will open during Salone del Mobile in the Palazzo Monti, an artist’s residency in Brescia run by the art collector and curator Edoardo Monti.

The first floor hosts the residence, designed with a Scandinavian sensibility by Julie Cloos Mølsgaard. Vipp products, including a matte black modular kitchen and the new Monti Edition swivel chair upholstered in Torri Lana textiles, will come to stay beneath the ten-foot-tall 19th-century frescoes, while art pieces made by 200 artists from 50 countries who’ve stayed in palazzo since 2017 will inspire visitors to make new stories of their own. Booking available online here.