We Love a Weird Wine Pairing

For many of us, wine = judgment.  Ordering from a list can be intimidating, talking about wine- even worse, and trying to pair wine with food can be the most stressful of all.  But at the end of the day, wine & food should be fun.  Daring pairings are some of the most fun ways to explore wines and their nuances. Some of our current favorite weird pairings: Gold Fish and Riesling. Somehow, the salty cheese crunch of Gold Fish highlights the sweet fruit of Riesling like nothing else can, bringing the sense of refreshment Riesling confers to new heights. Champagne & Potato chips.  A stand by for many serious bubble fanatics. A tart, dry bubbly compliments the salty, starchy flavor and cuts through the oil of chips in one palate-cleansing swallow. Chardonnay and Bacon. A California Chardonnay, with its waves of butter and fruit, transform thick, smokey bacon, bringing a creamy, crunchy flavor and texture to the forefront. Syrah and Beef Jerky- Syrah can pack quite a punch and can hold its own next to the flavor intense beef jerky. Perfect campfire treat. Corn dogs and Champagne.  Opposites often attract in life and in pairings. Just remember- there’s a wine for everything.   When in doubt, Champage or Sherry pair with many different foods and flavors. Drink Well!