What Are Wine Wipes?

What are Wine Wipes, and how do you remove wine stains from your teeth? Is there acid in drinking wine? How can you whiten your teeth after drinking wine? Let's cover these issues, and provide the solution.

The Dreaded Red Wine Teeth

Imagine speaking with your crush, they tell a joke, and then you smile as big as you can. It's going great, until they tell you there's something in your teeth! Talk about dreadful! How does this relate to red wine you might ask? Well if you've ever checked your smile out in the mirror after taking a few sips of Syrah, you'll look like you just feasted on an animal raw, (more like some grapes if we're being honest). It's not a pretty look, but you're not giving up your favorite wine because of it, right? Well, we wouldn't, but we also don't want to embarrass ourselves while we laugh at the latest antics of the realest housewives with our besties right?


How Can You Remove Wine Stains From Teeth?

Removing Wine Stains from your teeth is simple. Using Wine Wipes, you can easily remove wine stains from your teeth, with a simple swipe. 

Wine Wipes are the only single-use, flavor-neutral, all-natural wipes on the market that instantly and easily remove embarrassing red wine stains, without affecting the taste of the wine. It can be taken in your bag, or fit in your pockets, it's so accessible for every occasion in, or out!

Nobody wants to have "malbec stained teeth" when they smile for a group photo, so keep these handy to make sure your pearly whites are kept that way! Here's a video that explains them in-depth.

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