What are Wine Wipes?

It happens to the best of us… one minute you’re sipping Syrah, and the next minute your teeth and lips are purple! You only have to search #wineteeth to know that you are not alone.  Enter Wine Wipes. Wine Wipes are specifically formulated to remove unattractive red wine stains from your teeth and lips without interfering with the taste of wine.

Social wine lovers are often faced with two choices: drink only whites (never!), or brave the possibility of wine teeth.  Wine Wipes are the original single-use, flavor-neutral, all-natural wipes on the market that instantly and easily remove embarrassing red wine stains, without affecting the taste of the wine.

Some quick facts:

Tannin is a naturally occurring polyphenol found in wine, originating from grape skins.  While tannin adds complexity to wine, it is also very damaging to enamel.

Tooth Enamel is white tissue that protects teeth and can easily be destroyed by acid.  Tannic acid wears away enamel (think sandpaper to wood) and softens teeth, making them susceptible to stains.

How it Works Wine Wipes are designed to remove red wine stains from teeth (aka Tannins) without interfering with the taste of wine.  Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide work together to remove stains, while calcium and glycerin protect and strengthen enamel from acidic damage.  Best of all, orange blossom, a naturally occurring flavor in wine, ensures Wine Wipes wont ruin your next sip.

Developed with a dentist and sommelier, they will not harm enamel, gums, or teeth, and the ingredients are all-natural, including baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, salt, and glycerin.

Wine Teeth? Wine Wipes for the win.

Shop here. $7.99 for a box of 12 Wine Wipes