What in the world are Wine Wipes?

Smart women who love a glass of good wine can be divided into two categories: Women who wipe and women who don't – yet. We're not talking about spills or lapses of any kind. No, this requirement doesn't depend on mistakes on your part. You can be the most sophisticated and engaging companion over a glass of red wine and then you will laugh with elegant charm over a quip or a joke. There you are, at the end of a lovely shared bottle, accidentally having given your teeth a makeover that a colorist could admire. While Bordeaux is a respected and legendary wine region, tinting your pearly smile a pale red hue is not a good look. Before anyone begins to panic about the visual effects of a delicious red – or considers limiting her pleasure to the sphere of white wines – it's time to reveal our social drinking lifesaver, the Wine Wipe. This delightful little product tucks easily into jean pocket or designer handbag to bring easy, instant, non-toxic stain removal to your teeth wherever life takes you. So go on, have a glass of red, or two, because you deserve it. Cheers