What is CBD Coffee?

What is CBD Coffee? Is it legal? Will it get you high? Does it do anything!?

Nowadays, CBD is gaining immense popularity for providing users with a plethora of benefits. From alleviating inflammation and relieving anxiety to improving sleep patterns and reducing the severity of menopause symptoms – there’s a lot that this cannabis-based compound can do. As a result, it has gained a massive following, and its avid users take it in just about any form. CBD comes as oil, tinctures, vapes, topicals, and edibles. But now, it’s even in your coffee. 

As if the coffee wasn’t already coming in so many different varieties, they just had to add CBD coffee as well. While some CBD trends seem to offer a few benefits, we can’t dismiss the possibility that many companies want to start raking in profits after cannabis laws were relaxed in various states. Let’s get into what CBD coffee is anyway and if it’s any good. 

So What is CBD Coffee? 

In case you’re wondering, CBD coffee isn’t coffee that’s made from cannabis plants, or anything of the sort. In fact, it simply means adding CBD extract, such as in the form of oil, to regular coffee, or even a latte. 

When it’s in the form of oil, you can add it to just about any drink to get its various health benefits. Specialty coffee shops do it the same way but use unique blends of CBD to craft artisanal caffeine creations. 

We’ve all heard of CBD at this point, but what is it?

CBD is a cannabinoid present in cannabis. No, it’s not ‘weed.’ Cannabis is a genus of plants, and its two main cannabinoids are CBD and THC, which causes the feeling of being ‘high.’ The difference between CBD and THC is that while the latter has a psychoactive effect on the brain, the former doesn’t. Most CBD is extracted from industrial hemp, a form of cannabis, which contains low amounts of THC. Meanwhile, marijuana, which induces a ‘high,’ is a different form of cannabis that contains high amounts of THC as opposed to CBD. 

How does CBD Coffee work?

Research does show that CBD can have a positive effect in reducing the severity of seizures, and alleviating inflammation in various conditions, as well as other benefits. However, most experts explain that dosage is an important factor to consider for people looking to benefit from the cannabinoid. It’s just as crucial as how the compound is consumed, and how pure it is. 

Proponents of CBD coffee say that the magical caffeine combination is able to provide users with the feeling of being alert, thanks to coffee, minus the dreaded jitters. On the other hand, other people are arguing that the whole premise of CBD coffee is nonsensical because if CBD is supposed to easy tension to induce sleep, wouldn’t it render your coffee completely useless?

 What is CBD Coffee

Is CBD even effective in coffee? 

Recently, research on CBD stability in drinks like cannabis tea shows that the temperature of the medium can impact CBD content. This implies that if someone needs a milligram of CBD to relieve certain symptoms, the effect won’t be consistent in one milligram if it’s administered through a hot drink. 

What’s The Effect of Mixing CBD with Caffeine?

Of course, in the end, the actual effect of mixing CBD with caffeine can vary on a case by case basis. Let’s go over how most reviewers felt after taking CBD coffee. 

One of the biggest quirks about CBD itself is that it isn’t a psychoactive compound, so it doesn’t induce a ‘high.’ Most people have a warped concept of CBD from the start and assume that CBD-infused coffee would impact their brain functions. On the contrary, many users reported that they hadn’t felt high at all (well, duh) and that it actually had some positively surprising impacts. 

Many reviewers who tried out CBD coffee found that CBD coffee was strong yet had a mellow taste. Once they had a cup, they felt calmer, but alert still, and most importantly, focused. Meanwhile, other users said that aside from feeling calm yet alert, they also didn’t get the usual headache that comes with a cup of strong coffee. Coffee-drinkers who were prone to experiencing jitters and heart palpitations said that CBD coffee felt different in this regard. 

Should I try it Or Not?

When it comes to the verdict as to whether or not you should have CBD coffee, the answer is that it’s entirely up to you. The only thing to keep in mind is that if you need to take CBD for a health condition, it’s best to take it in a way that won’t affect its composition. Other than that, you’re free to have CBD coffee if it suits your tastes. 

Nonetheless, you simply can’t start incorporating multiple CBD lattes into your daily routine. You need to take it slow by seeing how your body reacts to one cup a day. You can build up your taste for CBD coffee from there. Always use coffee wipes to keep stains from your teeth when drinking hot coffee. 

CBD coffee is a raging trend in the CBD industry, along with edibles and even skincare items. While it’s great that so many coffee shops and CBD-based cafes are opening up, make sure to understand how CBD coffee works before you make the change.