What is White Coffee?

Looking for a Way to Make it Through the Holidays? Want to try something new? It may be time to explore into what White Coffee is, and how it can save you this holiday season! White Coffee is made from white coffee beans, with a higher caffeine content, and it's delicious!

What is White Coffee?

White Coffee

Now, let’s talk about the most caffeinated coffee that will send you flying the busyness of the holidays. White coffee. You may be asking, “what in the world is ‘white coffee’? That can’t be real!” I’m here to tell you it is. It comes from white, very light coffee beans, that are roasted for nearly half of the time of a regular roast making it lighter in color than light coffee. By the same caffeine standards stated above, white coffee has significantly more amounts of caffeine than a regular roast of coffee. Since the beans are roasted at a much shorter time, white coffee beans are the densest out of the light to dark roast spectrum. White coffee actually has 50% more caffeine than the regular roast of coffee. 

Let me say that again, 50% more caffeine. 

While white coffee sounds like its color would be, well, white, it’s actually a very light tan color since coffee beans go from green to brown. Therefore, even though the coffee is lighter, that doesn’t stop it from staining your teeth. Don’t get discouraged though, there’s a simple solution. Stock up on Pearly Wipes this Cyber Monday and set your teeth up for success for all of those upcoming holiday pictures. Simple enough right? Now, with your white coffee in hand and coffee wipes at the ready, go conquer and enjoy all that the holidays have to offer!

Coffee Gifts for the Holiday Season

The holiday buzz is right around the corner and it’s time to take advantage of all of the Cyber Monday deals and late night wrapping soon to be upon you. When you find yourself in the thicket of the holiday season running around between work, family, sleep, and somehow squeezing in time to go shopping, what’s the one thing you turn to? Coffee. Whether you like a warm holiday mocha, or a iced blended coffee drink, there’s nothing like a morning cup of your favorite coffee blend to kickstart the day, or an afternoon pick-me-up to fuel you through the rest of the day.

White Coffee

When things are coming down to the wire and you view your coffee roast line up, you start to wonder, which roast will best get me through the day? Does dark roast have more caffeine or is it light roast? Does it matter where the coffee came from or just the color? Well, here comes the answer to all of your caffeine problems. Let’s take a brief look at the roasting process and then dive into the most caffeinated drinks the coffee world has to offer. 

What About the Caffeine!

First, let’s start with back story on what makes coffee more or less caffeinated. The typical answer is that the shorter the roast time, the more caffeine is in the coffee. Well, I’m here to tell you, that’s actually incorrect. The truth is that no matter how short or long the coffee roasts, there is little to no change in the caffeine content. What really determines the amount of caffeine is the density of the bean.

Holiday Coffee High Caffeine


Since a light roast is roasted for less time, it’s denser and heavier than a dark roast coffee. Meaning, one ground of light roast coffee has more caffeine than a single ground of dark roast coffee because it weighs more meaning you’re drinking more coffee.



Guest Article written by: Katie DePol - Coffee Wingmen