Best & Worst Couples in The Bachelorette

The Most Fortunate and Unfortunate Bachelorette Pairings & Amazing Bachelorette Party Ideas!

Are you ready for the next season of the Bachelorette? There’s nothing more fun to do with your Bachelorette-loving friends than pulling out all the stops on your viewing parties. We’re here to talk about how to pair together perfect components for a great party along with some past drama between some unfortunate Bachelorette couples. If you need to know who won the Bachelorette 2019, be excited to know it's Hannah Brown!  But, nothing gets the party started like a little gossip, right?

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Ian Thomspon

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Ian Thomspon Bachelorette

Figure 1: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group © 2015 Disney

Bachelorette season 11, Kaitlyn Bristowe is just not hitting it off with contestant Ian Thompson. He’d been pining after her for weeks and he could not wrap his mind around why she wouldn’t be interested in him. In a personal interview, Ian states that he’s a desirable Princeton graduate who traveled around the world a few times, is a formal model, and defied death. What more could a girl want right? Wrong. Ian proceeds to inform Kaitlyn he believes she’s too surface level for their relationship and questions her intentions. Her response? Immediately sending him home. Bye Ian.

Emily Maynard and Kalon McMahon

Season 8, Bachelorette Emily Maynard jumps into mother mode upon learning about a comment made by contestant Kalon McMahon. Kalon referred to Emily’s kids as “baggage” during a conversation with another contestant. Keep in mind, Kalon could potentially be these kids’ father, had he viewed them differently. Not only did Emily angrily confront Kalon, she did it in front of the entire group and then proceeded to kick him off the show. When someone says don’t provoke a mother bear and her cubs, they mean it.


Andi Dorfman and Juan Pablo

Andi and Juan the bachelorette
Figure 2: ABC

While we are specifically talking about Bachelorettes, this juicy story is about Andi Dorfman, upcoming Season 10’s Bachelorette. How’d she get there? She royally dumped bachelor Juan Pablo on his own season. After leaving their “nightmare” fantasy suite date, Andi confronted Juan Pablo about his not so chivalrous actions. Juan Pablo was truly in love with contestant Clare and Andi was only there by default. Clare was also the topic of discussion on Juan and Andi’s fantasy suite date. What girl wants to hear about another girl from the guy she’s dating? The answer is always no one. 


Hannah Brown and Scott Anderson

On the opening night of Season 15, Hannah is preparing herself for the night that starts it all when she’s suddenly been given an interesting bit of information. Contestant Scott had a girlfriend up until days before he started on the show. Upon hearing this, Hannah immediately stormed up to Scott and confronted him with the information. She kicked him off the show, posed herself, and continued on with the evening. Hannah wasn’t looking to be someone’s rebound.


Ali Fedotowsky and Justin Rego

Ali and Justin the Bachelorette

Figure 3: ABC

This last one takes the cake on drama. Season 6, Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky receives word that contestant Justin Rego has a long-term girlfriend at home. You are supposed to be single with hopes of entering into a relationship with the Bachelorette not see how many girlfriends you can get. You may be asking; “how did Ali find that out?” Well, Justin’s girlfriend called Ali and told her not only who she was, but that Justin previously was cheating on her with a different girl back at home. Did your jaw just hit the floor too?

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Now that we’ve gone over a few unfortunate pairings with Bachelorettes and their suitors, let’s talk about the perfect pairing with your upcoming Bachelorette viewing parties. First, hit the store and stock up on the all-time best snacks such as chocolate covered strawberries, cheese, crackers, salami, and of course, popcorn for the upcoming intense drama. Next, you’ll need Bachelorette brackets. Fill out your brackets and place bets on which contestant will make it the farthest. May the best man win, hopefully. Lastly, create Bachelorette Lingo Bingo for those classic moments and sayings that always manage to find their way into every season. Don't forget about the best pairing of them all, the wine. 

No Bachelorette viewing party is complete without the wine essentials. You’ll need a glass, or two, to cope with the drama, heartbreak, and sappy moments that are about to take place. Purchase bottles of Stella Rosa, or your favorite red wine, for all of those “mo’ scaoto” moments. Create drink tags with sayings like “on Mondays, we drink, and watch women cry in limos” or “will you accept this rosé?” with a place for guests to write their names. Here’s a pro tip, after the night is done, wipe your teeth with Wine Wipes. Wine wipes remove stains from your teeth leftover from red wine. Now, sit back, relax as you and your viewing party embark on an emotional Bachelorette journey with your wine glass in hand. 


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Guest Article written by: Katie DePol