Why Use CBD Face Masks? CBD Face Sheet Benefits

Unless you are a rock badger, literally living under a rock this past year, you can't hide from the explosion of trendy CBD oil products hitting the market.  In fact, the American CBD market is estimated to hit $16 billion by 2025. Yup, that was billion! From high-end makeup brands infusing their mascara with CBD oil to CBD oil bug spray sold at your local farmer's market - CBD is in your face.  And, quite literally… on your face. CBD oil-infused facial masks are taking skincare to a whole new level of luxury.   

CBD Oils

What is CBD?

First things first... CBD (short for cannabidiol) will NOT get you high, not even if you drink it as an oral supplement or tincture.  CBD, and it's first cousin hemp seed oil, do not contain psychoactive THC. But, CBD does pack a punch in a myriad of proven benefits. I'm sure you've heard of CBD Coffee, right?


Benefits of CBD

  • It is a proven, powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties which result in cell regeneration and can reduce redness.  Praised for being more powerful as an antioxidant that even vitamin C and E, CBD also protects collagen. That means it can act as a protection against sun damage.  For those who suffer from rosacea or eczema, CBD's anti-inflammatory properties can be a real game-changer in treating redness and irritation.
  • One of the most talked about benefits of CBD oil in skincare products, specifically CBD oil-infused masks, is hydration.  Deep hydration - as in penetrating multiple layers of the skin. When skin is hydrated it looks and feels healthier. CBD oil-infused masks can leave your face soft, supple, and looking rejuvenated.  

  • For anyone who has suffered with acne, you know that the options for treatment often include retinoids.  Unfortunately, your skin gets worse before any potential benefits kick in. Initial treatment often comes with an increase in redness, dryness, and even peeling.  Not so with CBD. CBD has demonstrated a unique ability to actually calm acne-prone skin. New studies have demonstrated it may even reduce excessive oil production of the sebaceous glands.  Less oil can mean less acne. Who wouldn't want that? The final verdict is still out on this one; but the emerging data from case studies, specifically on the reduction of oil production with regular use of CBD, is encouraging.   


CBD vs Hemp Seed Oil - Is There a Difference? 

Savvy consumers know they are not the same thing.  CBD is just one of many compounds extracted from the cannabis sativa plant, specifically from the leaves and flowers.  A product labeled "CBD" or "Made from Cannabis" may not necessarily contain the cannabis plant. It may simply contain hemp seed oil, which has been in use for decades.  Unfortunately, some product brands mix up the two terms or lump them together in their marketing campaigns or even in name of the product. As a consumer, you need to look for the following ingredients to know you are getting actual CBD infused products: CBD hemp or CBD Phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil.  When in doubt, only buy from a brand you trust.   



cbd face mask benefits

CBD Face Masks

So, when you feel like you have done your homework and are ready to give CBD a try, sit back, relax, relish in a little well-deserved me-time, and indulge in a nourishing and beneficial CBD oil-infused mask.  Brimming with antioxidants and vitamins E and A, you will experience rejuvenation and love the new glow to your skin. Now you'll see what the buzz is all about!   

CBD Face Sheet Mask

Where to Start

For under $30, try The Fixer: CBD Sheet Masks! It's a calming, relaxing & hydrating face mask with aloe vera already infused.  High marks are given for the amazing benefits including instantly calming skin, reducing irritation, and leaving skin deeply hydrated.  Simply apply to clean skin, take ten minutes to relax, and then use a tissue to remove the excess. Massage any remaining product into the skin.           

Not Sure if CBD is Right for You?

Still hesitant about trying CBD oil-infused masks or serums?  That's completely understandable. It is a new and controversial addition to the beauty industry and your skincare regimen.  For expert advice you can trust, consult with a dermatologist and decide which products, if any, to use. 

Time to De-Stress…

End your night with a refreshing CBD face mask, and relax knowing that you're getting the best aloe infused, CBD mask to hydrate your face, allowing you to take the following morning by storm!