Wine In A...Can?

I'm sure you've seen the newest trend in the wine industry, canned wine. But, is it any good? Does it change your perception of wine? We decided to give it a try and here's what we thought...


It's SO Convenient

Think beach, lake, camping. You don't have to carry around those heavy bottles, or a corkscrew! Throw some Rosé or Chardonnay cans into the cooler and be on your merry way.


Smaller Portions = More Variety

If I'm being honest, I have no trouble knocking back a whole bottle of vino. I mean, it's only 4 glasses! So while the smaller serving size isn't something that is needed for me, it does make it convenient if you want to start with white and move to red, or if you only want one glass. Sizes range from 6oz to 12oz, so there are endless options.


Window Shopping Applies To Wine

Unless you know exactly which wine you're looking for, you're most likely label shopping first. It's no wonder people are gravitating towards canned wine, the packaging is so fun! Bright colors that mimic old school soda cans, they're definite eye-catchers.


High Quality?

Don't let the packaging fool you into thinking it's the "Budweiser" of wine. These wineries are not using cans to mask their least popular wine, but rather put their wine into the public eye more. Did you know that beverages in a can have little to no chance of being oxidized? Think of these cans as mini kegs...nothing is gonna break that seal!


So next time you're packing a picnic or a cooler for a beach trip, opt for some wine in a can! You will NOT be disappointed. Don't forget your Wine Wipes!