Wine Wipes Featured in Bustle's 24 Hotel Room Amenities Around the World That Are So Wonderfully Extra

Wine Wipes are featured in Bustle's round up of 'Wonderfully Extra' hotel room amenities from around the world. 

Hotel's are not just about a luxurious bed with plush towels any longer.  Hotels are focused on adding amenities and features that create a one of a kind experience that guests crave returning to.   In room amenities and mini bar offerings have become an extension of a hotel's brand.  

Bustle's article features some of the best known hotel brands in the world:

W Mexico City and they're use of Lucha Libre bottle openers 

The Redbury Hotel in New York and the Gramaphone's they feature in every room

Hotel Valencia in San Jose California featuring Wine Wipes in their rooms for guests who are wine tasting during their stay.  

Hard Rock Hotel features Crosley turntables and 10 records in every hotel room

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