Wine Wipes Featured in FORBES Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is just around the corner. Forbes published a Mother's Day Gift Guide and included Wine Wipes as one of the best gifts for wine lovers. 

Wine Wipes in Forbes


Wine Wipes were created especially for red wine drinkers. Sommelier approved, these natural wipes remove red wine stains from your teeth and mouth -- a.k.a. tannin teeth and malbec mouth -- without ruining your palate, so you can sip, wipe and sip again. Wine Wipes feature Baking Soda to remove surface stains and neutralize acid that can corrode enamel, Calcium to help strengthen teeth and rebuild damaged enamel and Glycerin to help prevent further staining by invisibly coating the teeth. Salt, a natural cleanser and antiseptic, is also added to the formula to remove stains and fight germs, as well as Hydrogen Peroxide to gently whiten the teeth and kill bacteria. The flavorless taste comes from an infusion of Orange Blossom, an antibacterial palate cleanser and antiseptic, and are best used during or after drinking red wine. 

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