Wine Wipes- for a quick mouthy clean up!

Do you routinely tuck a toothbrush in your bag? Your dentist will be so proud – as are we – but to be honest about it, working up a lather of toothpaste in the ladies room can be impractical at best and intrusive on the needs of others at worst. If you're like us, you carry that brush around more than you actually use it. Yet you know that no matter how much care you put into your attractive smile, a cup of tea or a glass of good red wine can leave your smile a dingy yellow or even pink while you are out painting the town a burgundy red. Something must be done. Enter the wipe! A quicker more compact way to restore the glory of your smile. Our most impactful product is our Wine Wipes package, with neutral flavor to avoid clashing with the wine finish. Wine Wipes freshen your breath as well as removing unsightly discoloration that can lead to dental staining. They are as easy to carry and to discard as any other kind of wipe, but the ingredients are all approved for your teeth. In those situations where you don't need a neutral cleaning experience, we offer a sister product that brings the minty freshness you probably like in a toothpaste, but with one simple natural ingredient added to the wipes formula. That's the pure natural peppermint we add to Pearly Wipes. So when you are enjoying fine wines or other craft food and beverages, stick to Wine Wipes to avoid shocking the palate with mint. You can use them all the time if you like. But we offer the choice, so that when you finish up after coffee and chocolate ice cream or wake up without your toothbrush after an unexpected sleepover, you can also reach for the minty alternative of Pearly Wipes. But make no mistake about it-  you still need to brush your teeth- Twice a day at least.  And floss too. Keep those pearlies white.