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A recent article posted by Brazen Loves: Wine Wipes That Wipe Red Off Your Smile February 15, 2017 by Brazen Woman We will admit it every night of the week. We love red wine. Almost in a passionate way. Whether we’re sipping a delicate Pinot Noir, a robust Rioja, or a festive Chianti, we just cannot get enough of our vin rouge. It’s not that we crave it per se—that would be unhealthy, right?—but we find that winding down with a nice glass (bucket?) of the stuff after a hard day vastly improves mental stability. And never mind how just the right pick elevates a simple meal. Or how we feel so high class swirling a goblet of red at a party—and offering that seductive smile. Brazen Loves: Wine Wipes That Wipe Red Off Your SmileUntil we head into the bathroom and we see our devil’s grin. You know what we’re talking about. Purple lips, red, stained teeth. A hideous look made even worse when combined with our half-eaten-off lip colour. Got the scary picture in your head? Because it’s ingrained in ours. When it comes to humiliation, this is worse than walking around with a piece of spinach lodged between your front teeth all day. No gal likes feeling this level of mortified about her appearance. And if we get caught on camera, well, kill us now. It’s almost enough to flip us over to the white side. (Need some white wine selections? Try these.) Almost. But not really. When it comes to wine, we’re fairly impartial but winter does scream red, after all. And now life is easy because we’ve discovered the secret to sipping red wine. It’s Wine Wipes. These are exactly what you think they are: wipes that wipe the wine clean off your smile. Developed by the team at Crafted by Borracha, whose philosophy is pretty brazen—look dynamite and feel confident while indulging freely and enjoying life to the fullest—these all-natural, flavour-neutral wipes remove embarrassing red wine stains with a single swab. Say cheese, girl. WHAT WINE WIPES DO They clean the wine off your teeth and lips with one swipe, without affecting the taste of your beverage. Brazen Loves: Wine Wipes (The Wipes that Wipe the Wine off Your Smile)HOW WINE WIPES WERE DEVELOPED The creators, unwilling to choose between giving up their red wine or walking around with red mouths, began experimenting with a formula that would slyly wipe teeth and lips clean without affecting your wine drinking experience. (Think girls’ room break or even just quick swipe when everyone is on their phones.) The product was tested on friends and family as well as being passed by both dentists and sommeliers to make sure that it was safe for your teeth and your sipping experience. WHY WE LOVE WINE WIPES · They clean unsightly red wine stains off lips and teeth without affecting your (not-so) sophisticated oenophile palate. · They’re all-natural. · They’re pretty stealth. One swipe and you’re done. · They’re super portable. Just throw a few of the single use packets in your makeup bag or pocket. Visit to buy or to find a retailer near you. Join the conversation on Instagram @WineWipes and tag us @brazenwomandotcom.   Thanks for the love Brazen Woman! Cheers, Borracha