#WineTeeth- How to avoid Red wine stains on your teeth

Some of our favorite things to sip on, like wine, can be the worst for our teeth.  Whether you are spending a day wine tasting, or drinking with a meal, any time you are exposing your teeth, you are subjecting stains to make a new home on your pearly whites.

Yes, sticking to white wine is a way to prevent the damage, but you shouldn’t have to skip out on your favorite Pinot Noir and Syrah.

The second you take a sip of wine, the acidity slings onto the mini pores on the surface your enamel, and if we don’t take precautions immediately, it can lead to that purple tint leaving you self-conscious about your beautiful smile.

First and foremost,  the less plaque and build up on your teeth, the less opportunities for red wine to stick.  This also ties into staying up to date with your regular dentist appointments, because the cleaner your teeth are, the whiter they’ll stay.  Contrary to popular belief, however, it is not smart to brush your teeth immediately after drinking wine.  In fact, the acidity of the wine mixed with the action of brushing makes it much easier to accidentally erode the enamel on your teeth, leading to worse problems than a little wine stain later.

Another way to prevent #wineteeth is to drink sparkling water in between sips of red wine. It will loosen up the stains from the plaque on your teeth making it easier to get rid of them later.  It also keeps you hydrated, which is great for longevity while drinking. Food does the same thing! Munching on high fiber foods while drinking helps to loosen up your plaque and wine stains for later.

To quickly and easily remove any wine stains or residue from your teeth, either during or after you’ve been drinking- use Wine Wipes.  A quick swipe of our Wine Wipes when you start to notice the tint, and your pearly whites are sure to stay shining bright. Wine Wipes don't interfere with tasting and are not harmful to your teeth. 

Don’t be afraid to smile at strangers and laugh with your friends, you deserve to drink red wine and feel confident.